Menu Winter Olo 2020

Tasting menu

Part 1
Hiramasa with wasabi
Vendace roe with mangalitza pork fat
Goat cheese with red berries
Finnish dry-aged beef with sunchoke

Part 2
Chawanmushi with Icelandic salmon and salmon roe
Finnish duck liver with raspberry and beetroot

Part 3
Bread serving
Skrei cod with Lappish almond potato

Part 4
Langoustine, butternut squash and soured cream
Deer with lemon thyme

Part 5: Optional + 23 €

Cheese plate

Part 6
Milk, cloudberry and porter

Yuzu and rose
Hommage à la pâtisserie
Liquorice toffee

Please reserve about three hours for the whole menu.

The Menu 139 €/ guest
*With Drinks 285 € / guest
*With Drinks Prestige 335 € / guest
With Drinks non-alcohol 207 € / guest

Menu Short Olo

Shorter tasting menu

Served on Saturdays between 4pm and 5pm:
Menu Short 93 € / guest
*With Drinks 187 € / guest
*With Drinks Prestige 237 € / guest
With Drinks non-alcohol 134 € / guest

Olo Ravintola - Sit back and relax

Menu Business Olo

Unique, two hours menu

By pre ordering from Tuesday to Friday

Hiramasa with Icelandic wasabi
Finnish duck liver with raspberry and bilberry
Monkfish with roasted kombu and roe of vendace
Deer with lemon thyme
Liquorice with sour cream

Business Menu 93 € / guest
*With Drinks 187 € / guest
*With Drinks Prestige 237 € / guest
With Drinks non-alcohol 134 € / guest

*Menu with Drinks includes champagne to start with, sommelier’s recommendation wines for the menu, Nordaq Fresh mineral water, coffee and digestive.

*Drinks Prestige has the cellar treasures.
Wines are available by glass and by bottle as well.

Non-alcoholic options we prepare ourselves at the restaurant.

We do take notice of all dietary restrictions and food allergies individually.
Please inform us in advance in case of any restrictions to ensure we are prepared the best possible way.

Olo’s dinner is served

Tuesday to Friday 18:00–24:00
On Saturdays we begin the early dinner at 16:00
Saturday dinner is served 18:00–24:00

(last reservations at 21:00)
Sunday and Monday closed

You can book a table maximum of 100 days in advance.