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A Michelin-starred restaurant by the Market Square in Helsinki

Olo has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 2011. We serve a tasting menu to our guests throughout the evening by the Market Square in Helsinki. Prepared with love, our Scandinavian menu is built around familiar Nordic ingredients, with modern and international nuances.

You can enjoy the menu with our carefully thought-out drink options. Our sommeliers ensure that our wine list delights both wine enthusiasts and novices. Our bartenders will also prepare the best non-alcoholic options according to your wishes.

Olo Team

Menu Olo Winter 2021

This menu offers an experimental evening filled with seasonal flavors you can enjoy without hurry. Please reserve around two hours for the menu. The menu is served throughout the evening and on the weekends early dinner for reservations between 4pm and 5pm.

Menu Olo 2021

This is your choice, if you wish to enjoy a longer dining experience. The menu is served from reservations at 6pm or later.

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We serve carefully selected wines or homemade non-alcoholic drinks with the menu. Naturally, we also have a great wine list for you to choose from, and Coravin enables us to serve some legendary wines. Ask for the selection of the day.

Olo’s dinner is served

We are closed due to Covid restrictions between 24.12.21-20.1.22

Tuesday to Thursday from 6pm to 11pm
Friday to Saturday from 4pm to 11pm