We are here for you

Here at Olo, we are happy, ambitious and enthusiastic people – and we want to keep improving all the time. In addition to wonderful taste sensations and friendly service, we offer a uniquely beautiful setting in a 200-year-old building in the heart of Helsinki.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

In the dining room

“There are many aspects of Olo for our guests to enjoy. Everything we do aims at a successful evening. When I hear lively conversation and laughter in the dining room as the evening progresses, I know we’ve succeeded: our guests are enjoying themselves. Our goal is for our customers to leave a little happier than they were when they arrived.”

Katja Henttunen, Restaurant Manager

In the kitchen

“I want to offer people unforgettable dining experiences that bring more joy to everyday life. Through our cuisine, we engage in continuous dialogue with our guests. I hope I can create a feeling in the customer – that they feel how I feel about the food. We do everything from scratch and always from excellent ingredients. For me, success is a customer who wants to come back to Olo. That’s the whole point.”

Tuomas Vierelä, Chef

We have a friendly and warm atmosphere.

We believe that a unique restaurant experience arises from paying attention to the guests and understanding the details. This means being attuned to and genuinely interested in the customers and their needs.

We are passionate about our work. Heartfelt thanks from the customer are a little like a round of applause after a play in the theatre, and success feels just as good every time. We hope that you enjoy your stay and that we will see you again soon!