Awarded restaurant by the Senate Square in Helsinki

Olo is one of the five awarded restaurants in Finland, Helsinki. Our dinner is a tasting menu that pampers you throughout the evening. The Scandinavian menu is built upon Jari Vesivalo’s childhood taste memories.

With the menu you can enjoy our carefully thought-out drink package, if you wish. Our sommeliers will ensure that our wine list encounters pleasures for both wine enthusiasts and novices.

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On Saturdays we open our doors at 16:00 for the early dinner!

Before the Saturday night movie or concert you have plenty of time to enjoy our shorter menu.










Part 1
Quail egg with mushroom stock
Pike perch and horseradish
Goat cheese with red berries
Oyster with crème fraîche
Umami salmon and fermented apple
Langoustine with tarragon

Part 2
Roe of river trout with pumpkin and onion
Whitetailed deer and Finnish caviar

Part 3
Sourdough of the House with Olo’s butter and
reindeer tongue pâté

Part 4
Reindeer calf liver with beetroot
Skrei cod with fermented white asparagus and lavaret roe
Grilled Burbot

Part 5: Optional + 17 €
Cheese plate

Part 6
Preserved berries and cream
Roasted buckwheat and green strawberry
Lavender and bilberry
Liquorice with raspberry
Yuzu, yuzu and yuzu

Enjoy your evening!

Jari Vesivalo

Please reserve about three hours for the whole menu. The Shorter menu is five courses long and can be enjoyed in less than two hours.

*Menu with Drinks includes champagne to start with, sommelier’s recommendation wines for the menu, Nordaq Fresh mineral water, coffee and digestive. Drinks Prestige has the cellar treasures.

Wines are available by glass and by bottle as well. Non-alcoholic options we prepare ourselves at the restaurant.

The menu can be modified for vegetarians and vegans. We do take notice of all dietary restrictions and food allergies individually. Please inform us in advance in case of any restrictions to ensure we are prepared the best possible way.

The Menu 121 € /guest
With Drinks 267 € /guest
With Drinks Prestige 317 € /guest
With Drinks non-alcohol  189 € / guest

By pre ordering and on Saturdays between 4pm and 5pm, we serve:
Shorter Menu 81 € /guest
With Drinks 175 € /guest
With Drinks Prestige 225 € /guest
With Drinks non-alcohol 122 € / guest







Olo’s dinner is served
from Tuesday to Friday
18.00–24.00 (last reservations at 21.00)

On Saturdays we begin the early dinner at 16.00
Saturday dinner is served 18.00–24.00 (last reservations at 21.00)
Sunday and Monday closed

You can book a table maximum of 100 days in advance.

Pohjoisesplanadi 5, 00170 Helsinki