White Guide restaurant guide: Olo is Finland’s best restaurant

//White Guide restaurant guide: Olo is Finland’s best restaurant

White Guide restaurant guide: Olo is Finland’s best restaurant

“Great,” exclaims the restaurateur of Olo, Katja Henttunen, when hearing the wonderful news. Olo Restaurant was ranked the 26th best restaurant in the Nordic countries in the prestigious White Guide restaurant listing. White Guide is the Nordic equivalent to the Michelin guide.

“Our ranking improved by three notches from last year. A great reward for the hard work of the entire staff,” says Katja Henttunen.

Olo is the only Finnish restaurant that reaches the highest international Master Class level in the guide. According to the jury a position at this level requires Excellent food, atmosphere, service and wine list. The varied menu got special praise.

“We are doing our own kind of a thing. Sometimes the dishes are work of art with delicacy and beauty and at other times the food is rather simple and ascetic focusing on taste.  The essence in all our doing is the requirement of courage. Conventional choices are not anything for Olo, says the kitchen responsible restaurateur Jari Vesivalo.

Both Katja Henttunen and Jari Vesivalo emphasise that the good position in the ranking motivates the staff of Olo to provide the restaurant guests even better food and service than ever.

“The house is full of talents both in the restaurant and in the kitchen. When the team has a good spirit and a desire to make their best then our guests do enjoy themselves as well. And that is the best thing about this job,” say both.

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