Pekka Terävä is passing his Bocuse d’Or precidency to Matti Jämsén

//Pekka Terävä is passing his Bocuse d’Or precidency to Matti Jämsén

Pekka Terävä is passing his Bocuse d’Or precidency to Matti Jämsén

Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competition, has been organized since 1987. Finland participated in Bocuse d’Or for the first time in 1991. Pekka Terävä has been involved in the Finnish team since 2008, when ELO-säätio, Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture, was founded. In 2008, Terävä started coaching the Finnish candidate Filip Langhoff followed by Matti Jämsén and Mika Palonen. In 2013 he moved on as the president of the Finnish team. Pekka has been a participant of the jury ever since.

In January 2017, Eero Vottonen competed in the Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon with his assistant Miikka Manninen. The Finnish team ended up 6th place. Over the years Finland has established an ambitious position in the finals. After the rewarding experience of judging numerous competitions and seeing the growth of the Finnish teams, Terävä has now decided to pass on his presidency to Matti Jämsén, whom he once coached and who has later become a coach in Bocuse d’Or himself.

“I am truly grateful having been part of the wonderful family of Bocuse d’Or. I have tons of great memories and I’ve gotten to know a lot of amazing people in the jury, whom I respect.”

Terävä is proud of the path the Finnish teams have taken and sees Jämsén taking his place as a natural continuation.

“I will now focus more on the ongoing restaurant, consulting and wine businesses in which I am now more involved with. I will also devote more time to my family and friends.”

Terävä wishes all the best of luck to the Finnish team and the whole Bocuse family. He says it has been wonderful to see the competition grow and he is positive about the future. As a development proposal, he mentions the evaluation process: “It would be great to see all the judges announce their points publicly. This would give our great competition the transparency and decency it deserves”.

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