Olo kept the star for the 8th time

//Olo kept the star for the 8th time

Olo kept the star for the 8th time

On Monday 19.2.2018 the stars were once again announced in Copenhagen. Olo has the privilege to hold the Michelin star for the 8th time. Restaurateur and Creative Leader, Jari Vesivalo, sums it all up; “The Michelin star is not a lifetime award – you need to re-earn it every year and every day. It should not be taken for granted.”

Restaurant Olo wants to thank their guests for making this possible.

Nordic Michelin star restaurants of 2018 can be found behind the link. There are now 5 star restaurants in Finland! https://www.finedininglovers.com/blog/news-trends/michelin-guide-nordic-countries-2018/

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Olo staff lunch


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