Garden by Olo is located right next to Olo, in the heated courtyard covered by a glass ceiling. The menu is Scandinavian with hints of Asian. Garden & Bar’s chef Kim Mustonen used to work at a vegetarian restaurant in Australia – that’s where he gets his knowledge and enthusiasm towards vegetarian food. “There are plenty of choices for vegetarians. It’s an illusion that the taste of the food or nutrients would disappear in a plant-based portion. Vegetarians often must make compromises when dining in restaurants – our goal is that this won’t happen in Garden and during October we try to put even more emphasis on this. To put it simply, we just want to serve good food for everyone without compromises.”

There’s a separate vegan menu as well. The vegan menu is available when ordered in advance.

In Garden by Olo you can choose to visit spontaneously or make a reservation.