Olo Harvest

Olo Harvest

We invite you to enjoy the harvest season!

A harvest-themed special menu created by Tuomas Vierelä, our head chef, will be served from 21 September to 2 October 2021. The bountiful gifts of nature offer enjoyment and experiences for all the senses.

The dishes highlight the quality and diversity of pure Finnish ingredients, creating a harmony of taste sensations, scents and display on your plate. Miso pudding with chanterelle butter, salmon with plum, lamb with bilberry – these combinations were made for each other.

Come and enjoy!

Olo Ravintola 15 vuotta menu

Menu Olo Harvest

109 €

Steamed miso custard with Finnish forest mushrooms, quail egg yolk and chanterelle butter

Umami salmon with marinated trout roe and plum

Brioche glazed with honey and smoked bone marrow, Finnish goose liver, beetroot and raspberry

Grilled monkfish with vendice roe, kombu, salted belly of Mangalitza pork and dashi broth

Dry aged Finnish lamb with fennel blossoms, bilberries and lemon thyme

Ice cream made with salted and roasted corn, pear and browned butter

Sweet final

Drinks: 118 € per guest*
Prestige Drinks: 168 € per guest*
Non-alcoholic drinks: 46 € per guest

*Menu with Drinks includes Nordaq Fresh mineral water, champagne to start your dinner, wines to go with the menu, and coffee with a digestiv.

* Wines are also available by the glass and bottles.

Non-alcoholic options are prepared by our bartender at the restaurant.

As far as possible, we take all dietary restrictions and food allergies into consideration.
Please inform us in advance to ensure that we are prepared in the best possible way.

Our Harvest menu is available from Tuesday the 21st Spet. to Saturday  the 2nd Oct. from 6pm to 11pm.

On the Olo Harvest celebration weekend, we open at 6pm.