Olo Group Oy supports the work of the City of Helsinki on Finnish Independence Day, 6th of December 2017. Olo Group Oy invites 80 guests to enjoy an Independence Day meal in Olo Garden & Bar, right next to the Presidential Palace. The participants whom are families from Helsinki, are invited by the Social and Health Department of Helsinki.

“The mission of Olo Group Oy is to create unique encounters, unforgettable moments, at the dining table. We want to improve the Finnish food culture by organizing diverse events and meeting places. We were thrilled when we heard that the City of Helsinki got excited about our idea,” says Petri Lukkarinen, CEO of Olo Group.

The Head Chef of Olo Garden & Bar, Kim Mustonen, will be planning the menu.

For further information:

Riikka Kannas, CEO, Food Camp Finland Oy, riikka.kannas@foodcampfinland.fi, tel. +358 40 354 63311

Petri Lukkarinen, CEO, Olo Group Oy, petri.lukkarinen@olo-group.fi, tel. +358 50 567 8995

Olo Group Oy owners are Pekka Terävä, Petri Lukkarinen and Teuvo Salminen. Olo Group’s business idea is to produce high quality experiences and to cherish dining as a social gathering. Olo Group includes Restaurant Olo, Olo Garden & Bar, Restaurant Emo and Restaurant Gösta. It also includes a wine webshop Bottlescouts.com and finally Food Camp Finland Oy, which produces unique dining experiences and events for food lovers and professionals.