Olo’s head sommelier joins I AM pop up dinners at Helsinki Design Museum

//Olo’s head sommelier joins I AM pop up dinners at Helsinki Design Museum

Olo’s head sommelier joins I AM pop up dinners at Helsinki Design Museum

Helsinki Design Museum is working on something special together with The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo and chef/artist Kozeen Shiwan. The cooperation will offer unique dinner performances between 30th of June and 15th of October 2017. The dinner performances are built around the exhibition ‘Enter and Encounter’, specifically an art piece called I AM by Kozeen Shiwan.

Shiwan is an artist and a former chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Ask. He is known for his art performances using food as a tool in storytelling. His Kurdish background is strongly present in his work. In the art work I AM, he describes the path of escaping from Kurdistan at the age of 9 to working in a gourmet-restaurant in Helsinki in his adulthood.

Restaurant Olo’s head sommelier, Ángel Layos, will be a part of these performances pairing his wine choices with the unique menu.

“Me and Kozeen have a history of working together in Ask. He is an artist whom I respect highly. His creativity is driven to the exponential standards and he is an excellent storyteller. He is also capable of making you cry of laughter like you’ve completely lost your mind” Layos describes.

As well as from working in Olo, the Spanish sommelier is always excited to accept more challenges.

“When I was asked to join the pop up dinners as the leading sommelier, I didn’t hesitate for one second. Kozeen is a good friend of mine and it’s always exciting to try something new. These dinners are going to be something very special, something you’ve never seen before” Layos says.

Tickets are available here.

Join the Facebook event.


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