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Creative Kitchen

When you want your dinner to be a unique experience then reserve a table in our Creative Kitchen, Olo’s most intimate dining room. Come enjoy a dinner with us that was rewarded as the 2017 Best Food Tourism Product. We recommend this for those of you who wish to enjoy your special occasion at our restaurant.

In the intimate dining room our talented waiters will ensure the service is personal. You can pop into the kitchen if you wish to see how professional Chefs prepare your menu in front of your eyes. You can follow and talk with the chefs while they are creating your dishes.

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Evening with the chefs

Menu 121 € /guest
Menu with Drinks 267 €* /guest
Menu with Drinks Prestige 317 €* /guest

*with Drinks includes champagne to start with, sommelier’s recommendation wines for the menu, Nordaq Fresh mineral water, coffee and digestive. Drinks Prestige has the cellar treasures.

The menu can easily be modified for vegetarians and vegans. We also do take notice to all dietary restrictions and food allergies individually. Please inform us in advance in case of any restrictions to ensure we are prepared the best possible way.


Part 1
Celeriac with scallop roe
Västerbotten cheese with daikon
King crab quail egg
Carrot from last summer
Langoustine with langoustine garum

Part 2
Salmon with rainbow trout roe and pumpkin
Sorrel from Kotipellon Puutarha with oyster
Poultry liver with stock made of raspberry and blueberry with pickled beetroot

Part 3
House’s sourdough bread with house made butter

Part 4
Kohlrabi with aromatic chicken broth and seaweed
Pike perch with caviar
Sole with fermented asparagus and ramson

Part 5: Optional + 17 €
Cheese plate

Part 6
Rhubarb with lemon verbena and pollen
Rose with plum and almond

Part 7
Sea buckthorn and whey
Black currant
Spruce with bilberry

Enjoy your evening!

Jari Vesivalo






You can make a table reservation between 19:00 and 20:00 for Saturdays.
Creative Kitchen can be booked for private events as well.

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