Our kitchen is inspired by the pure and unique Finnish nature with its four seasons. Our lunch is a delightful menu consisting of four dishes that are made out of the season’s best ingredients. We always note our customer’s schedules, so just inform us and we will ensure that you have time to enjoy our lunch.



Four course lunch 53 €

Carrot from Lindroth´s garden with buckwheat
Baby lamb from Merilappi with broccoli
Lavaret from Åland with salad
Rhubarb with goat milk

Lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday.
You can make a reservation from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.


Only dinner is served 1.7-11.8.17


Our dinners are surprising, tasting menus designed with the season’s best ingredients, that are at times eaten with your fingers and at times with the cutlery. Our sommelier will ensure that our wine list encounters pleasures for both wine enthusiasts and novices.

In the Dining Room and the Champagne Cabinet we serve our classic menus The Journey and The Shorter Way that are adapted according to the harvest season with some unexpected surprises.


Menu Journey

The Journey 109 €
With Drinks 255 €*
With Drinks Prestige 305 €*

Please reserve three hours to enjoy the whole experience.
Last orders for the Journey at 9pm.

*Menu with Drinks includes champagne to start with, sommelier’s recommendation wines for the menu, Nordaq Fresh mineral water, coffee and digestive. Drinks Prestige has the cellar treasures.

Sample Menu

Malt crackers
Lettuce with smoked salmon
Swiss chard with Selin blue cheese
Chicken liver and chicken stock

Västernbotten cheese with mushrooms
Emmer semolina with reindeer heart
Scallop with mussel consommé

Olo’s bread with baby lamb

Carrot and buckwheat
Potato with sour cream
Pike perch with cucumber
Asparagus with currant leaves
Cod with ramson

Yoghurt and dill
Rhubarb with tagetes
Raspberry with rose
Black currant toffee

Menu Shorter Way

The Shorter Way 79 €
With Drinks 173 €*
With Drinks Prestige 223 €*

The Shorter Way is a sample of The Journey of the day. This menu is suitable for a quicker evening even for larger groups. We serve the  tasting menus in the Restaurant and the Champagne Cabinet. Same length for the whole group. Welcome to enjoy!


Please let us know that you wish to order The Shorter Way when making the reservation. We also kindly request that you inform us about special diets. The menu contains allergens. Our staff are happy to provide you with further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Olo is on Midsummer holiday

Olo’s dinner is served
from Tuesday to Saturday
Sunday and Monday closed