Journey with the chefs,
enjoy with time

Step right into the Chef’s kitchen and enjoy a unique evening with our
talented chefs and great waiters.


Creative Kitchen

Journey with the chefs

Menu 109 €
Menu with Drinks 255 €*
Menu with Drinks Prestige 305 €*

*with Drinks includes champagne to start with, sommelier’s recommendation wines for the menu, Nordaq Fresh mineral water, coffee and digestive. Drinks Prestige has the cellar treasures.

You can make a table reservation
between 19:00–20:00 from Wednesday to Saturday.
Creative Kitchen can be booked for private events as well.

Example menu

Rye and Gruyère
Turnip from the Lindroth farm
Sourdough and amoked salmon
Chicken liver,  apple and poltry stock

Mushroom pie
Emmer wheat with smoked reindeer heart
Scallop with sunchocke
King crab with seaweed

Olo’s bread with celeriac and shoulder of lamb

Pike perch with potato and horse radish
King crab and fennel
Lamb tartar with kale
Halibut, leek and potato

Lemon verbena with apple and salty liquorice
Blackcurrant with yoghurt